Final post

Hello everybody

This will be my last blog post. The first semester is ending, and this means that the finals are coming.

We will have a break of two weeks starting from next Monday, but it won’t be a fun break. Most of the students will wake up on their desks and fall asleep on their desks, that’s right it’s that time of year again. The time of the year in what people from high school don’t want to be older and just laugh with their older brothers or sister who have to study during the Christmas brake. And for the first time I will be a part of this grand and global event where teens study and drink so much energy drinks that their harts are close to exploding. While all the kids are making snowman’s and trowing snowballs we’ll be making a cup of coffee to stay awake. And at the test there are people who just have these huge black outs that are so bad that they have trouble answering the first question: name or date. Some students cry some students just stand up and walk away and most of them will just pass their exam and move on to the next year.

I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I did but it’s time for us to part ways, this I will have to do on my own.

Good bye

Nicolas Demeyer


Piling stress

The last few weeks have been tough, I think most people have started studying for the exams. I also noticed that we’ve been getting more and more work the closer we get to the end. I had to make my portfolio, hand in my excel work sheet and so much more. For my portfolio I’ve made a website, I really wanted to do something original so I wrote all of the code myself. Maybe I got a little help from the Internet but there’s no shame in that. Everyone has to look up something, you can’t know everything.

I had to do my excel work book together with Toon and Olivier, and like I wrote in previous posts it’s been one hell of a ride. But It’s time to close that chapter now, tomorrow I will have to give a presentation of my excel work book. I’ll be giving it together with my partners and we will have to defend our project in front of the teacher of ICT.

wish me luck.

First signs of the exams

Even though the exam will only start in January a lot of teachers are starting to talk about it. I think that a lot of people have started preparing for the exams, but these people never went to the lessons. So I don’t have anything to fear, I followed most lessons unless something very important would have prevented me. And during the lessons I have made summaries of the lesson so that it would be easier to study.

This week wasn’t that long, it was one where we had 3 days of school. And the Friday was the worst we had to come at 8 in the morning and then there weren’t any lessons until 15.45. Although this seems nice it really sucked for the people who didn’t have dorm I gent. I had to wait a very long time just so I would be able to make a 10 minute test.

So then we move on to the next week, I wasn’t a very hard week because we didn’t get any tasks. Well, we did get a few but most teachers knew that we were about to have finals. A lot of teachers are almost done with their materials for this semester, so they start giving us free hours or let us leave early. So these were the highlights of my week.

Rolling through my life as a student

After I had really nice vacation in Turkey it was time to pick up where I left
of. Well actually I had some studying to do, because I was about to have my
first exam in IBM. It wasn’t a real exam. It was a mock exam, what does
this mean? It makes no difference how good or how bad your grades are,
they won’t count. But we would be able to see how he asks his questions,
what kind of questions … But due to time pressure I wasn’t able to study a
lot, I barely looked at the theory. I was sure I was going to fail my first exam.
But everything went surprisingly good, well the theory might have been
better with a more throughout study but my grades weren’t bad at all. I got a
7.3 on 10. Not bad for a first exam right?
We were supposed to give a presentation for English for Businesses on
Friday the 7th of November. And I was actually really stressed, this was the
first task on which we were going to be graded. It was a presentation of 15
minutes with a small debate afterwards. I was supposed to do this task with
two other people, and this was the reason I was so stressed. You might be
thinking why would that make me so stressed? Well, one of my partners
wasn’t answering my texts, and I had been texting him for over a few hours.
My other partner was also stressed because of this. So once we entered
the class things got really strange because he wasn’t in the class room. We
hoped that he would be out of credit or something but we were unlucky.
The class had started and about 10 minutes after the start of the lesson I
received a text, it was my partner who just said he wasn’t coming because
he was ill. At this moment we knew we had a problem. Bought of us forgot
to study his text and now he was ill. So we had a very stressful lesson,
while listening to the other people I was trying to memorize the text of my
partner who was ill. In the end all our stress was in vain, there was no time
left for our group and we were supposed to do it the next week. Strange
enough we weren’t happy, because by then I already knew his text and we
wanted to give it so we wouldn’t have to study it again. But we had no luck.
So this were the highlights of my week.

Second entry

We’ve been in the program for a few weeks now. Everything is starting to be a routine. So we have 2 kinds of weeks: a week that has a really bad scheme for the students who don’t have a dorm and a week that’s just good for everybody. So our “bad week” exists out of 5 days but the biggest problem is that the first 2 days are only 1.5 hours long which means that we have to travel about 1 hour just to get 1 lesson. The other week we don’t have any school on Monday and Tuesday which is nice. The lessons aren’t so hard (for the moment) I bet that will change in the future but for now I have the feeling that almost everything is revision of high school. Not that I was expecting anything else from the first 4 weeks, the program is created so that even people without knowledge of accountancy, ICT, economics,… would be able to follow. I must admit the lessons would be very hard for someone who sees everything for the first time. But since I had Accountancy and IT in high school I think I have a small advantage compared to the students from Latin or something else. But even though I’ve had accountancy in high school it is very different from the accountancy I get in IBM. We study the generally accepted accounting principles of the US and I have had the Belgium generally accepted accounting. Besides the lessons I really enjoy my time in IBM, everybody is nice and friendly. Everybody is always helpful.

The next entry will be online in 3 weeks since I upload one after every 2 weeks. But next week there’s a small autumn break.

First experience

Hello, my name is Nicolas Demeyer and in the next couple of weeks you will be able to read how I experience my first year in IBM.
The days before the start: Since IBM is a new orientation, not everything went as smooth as it should have gone. Which is pretty normal because most of the things were also new for the teachers. The first contact to us from the school was pretty late but once we got it everything was very easy and good explained. The next problem was that not all the books had arrived because there were still a few that weren’t finished or delivered. So when I came out of the book store I had only 3 books with me, while I saw other students who had bags filled with books. Actually I didn’t mind because the other students were really struggling to move all there books
The first lessons weren’t too hard because most of the time it was an introduction of the class and what we would see. But that wasn’t the case for accounting. We saw the first chapter of the book, without a book! In English for Business we were presented with every tasks and assignments we had to do during the year, I think most of the students had a small heart attack. But I think this will be the perfect challenge for me. So I can extend my horizon and develop new ideas, skills and so on, or that’s what I’m supposed to think. Another thing is that most of the teachers aren’t used to speak English so that’s also reassuring.